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Times have changed. The reason for Article 5 of the Voting Rights Act which requires preclearance of any changes to the laws covering voter registration in certain southern states no longer exists. Blacks are registered at a higher rate in the southern states specified in the Act than other states not covered by Article 5 of the Voting Rights Act. Article 2 is sufficient as it is permanent and available to any plaintiff. These are arguments put forth by Shelby County, Alabama in an attempt to get Article 5 of the Voting Rights Act overturned. To assist the community in understanding the question at hand, the Dunham Report sought the legal expertise of Associate General Counsel of the AFL-CIO, Attorney Angelina Stubbs. Attorney Stubbs was in the Supreme Court’s Lawyers Room during the oral arguments. Attorney Stubbs is licensed to present oral arguments before the US Supreme Court, is a graduate of Xavier University, New Orleans and George Washington University Law School, Washington, D. C.

Join the Dunham Report as we discuss the importance and legal arguments of the Case of Shelby County vs. Holder with Attorney Stubbs Saturday, March 9, 2013, 3-4pm, on WTKS, 1290 AM and 97.7 FM. You can also listen via the internet at www.newsradio1290.com

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