Dump the Pump Challenge

The City of Savannah, CAT, and the Savannah Bicycle Campaign will be hosting their 8th Annual Dump the Pump Challenge on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 starting at 8am. The race departs at 12 Oaks Shopping Center just south of DeRenne Avenue with the arrival of the Abercorn 14 bus.

Competitors will compete for the title of the fastest commute downtown. The rules are that all competitors must follow all traffic laws, the bus rider gets off at the nearest bus stop to City Hall, and the car driver must park in the nearest parking garage. This year’s participants are Jen Colestock (representing the cyclists), Enoch Dumas (representing bus riders), and Parrish Herron (representing car commuters).

This year each participant will be outfitted with live video feed, allowing spectators to track the race progress from the finish line, located at Savannah City Hall on Bay Street. Mayor Edna Jackson will be at the finish line, where she will award the winner with the coveted Dump the Pump Challenge Medal.

“The Dump the Pump commuter challenge is a fun way to encourage Savannahians to explore their transportation options and remind them that traveling by car isn’t always the fastest way to go,” said John Bennett, Executive Director Savannah Bicycle Campaign. “Bicycling and transit are vaiable alternatives for many people and we hope this event will increase interest in affordable and healthy transportation.”

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