Drug Court Day at First Tabernacle Baptist Church

On Sunday, December 2, 2012, the pastor, officers and members of First Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church will host the 2nd Annual Chatham County Drug Court Day at 11:00 AM.

The program has rescued the clients that the Court serves from lives of addiction, despair, and incarceration, enabling them to live rich, rewarding, and productive lives. The Savannah- Chatham County Drug Court is a post-plea, adult felony drug court. This means that the Court accepts persons charged with qualifying felony criminal offenses upon their entry of a guilty plea to same, or persons on probation from a qualifying felony criminal offense who violate the terms of their probation by testing positive for drugs, admitting the use of drugs, or committing a new drug-related offense.

We will celebrate the success of all drug court participants in completing 24 months of intensive outpatient treatment consisting of five phases. First Tabernacle’s outreach ministries are designed to serve the present age.

The service will feature music, poems, testimonies and special remarks from the drug Court program (Judge James

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