Draw Closer To God

Mama Rachel Thomas
Mama Rachel Thomas
As I received this topic from God to write this article, I wondered how I could tell anyone how to draw closer to God. Prayer is one way to do so. God wants us to come aside and be with him in prayer. He wants us to just talk to Him and understand that He hears us and that He will answer us if we Believe!

God wants you to know that He is a Good God, a Kind God and a Loving God who cares for all of our needs, therefore I have learned to take time away from everything and come into His presence – first of all in thanksgiving. God has done so very much for me and my family and I just want to thank Him first of all for Life and all He has done; is doing and will do.

We cannot thank Him enough because he sent His one and only Son to die for our sins and to take away All of our sicknesses and diseases. He is a Great and Awesome God. His word says “in the Beginning was the WORD and WORD was with God and the WORD was God meaning Jesus! God wants us to pray His word. There are different kinds of prayers such as secret prayers, family prayers, group prayers and public prayers. We have different parts of a prayer like adoration, confession, supplication, intercession and thanksgiving.

However God has certain requirements of prayer like purity of heart, believing in Christ’s name according to God’s Will. But please come with simplicity, a forgiving spirit, humility and repentance. Come with a unity of believers, tenacity, importunity and intensity, confident expectations, without many words and of course pray unceasingly.

God wants us to be truthful and straight up with Him for He knows our hearts and minds. I would like to thank God for years of prayers and Shut- ins with Him and it has been simply WONDERFUL!!! He has given me five miracles that I go to different churches to share as He opens the doors for me. If He speaks to your heart for me to come to your church, I will be so humble and grateful. God has a plan for everyone if we just ask Him in prayer. As we draw closer to God; He will open your ears to hear His voices; He will open your eyes to see His vision and His Holy Spirit will teach you all truth and Lead you on the right path.

So May I encourage to pray more often and to draw closer to God because He loves you and wants to hear your cry. He wants to answer you for His Grace is sufficient to supply all of your needs. But the one most important thing we truly need from God is our Soul’s Salvation that Jesus died on the Cross to give – FREE! All you need to do is BELIEVE!! God is ready and waiting on you. God Bless you and He loves you. Sincerely in Christ, Mama Rachel Thomas

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  1. Dear mama R.T. I’m so glad & grateful for you letting God using you to speak those words into my heart this morning getting closer to God is my desire and staying closer is a must thank you

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