Dr. Arletha McSwain To Recieve USDLA Hall Of Fame Award

The Dean Will Represent B-Cu’s Nationally Ranked Online College & is the 1st HBCU To Receive The Honor

Dr. Arletha Mc- Swain, Dean of the B-CU Online College is selected to receive the 2017 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Hall of Fame Award. This award is presented to industry experts who have made great contributions in leadership, technology, research, and teaching. Dr. McSwain’s strong willingness to lead and her eagerness for success have not gone unnoticed. As a devout professional, Dr. McSwain is one of few in the nation to successfully execute and obtain the USDLA Quality Standards Certification for the online college.

“It was an honor to nominate Dr. Arletha Mc- Swain for the USDLA 2017 Hall of Fame Award,” says Dr. Ernest (Reggie) Smith, former President and Chairman of the USDLA Board of Directors. Smith also nominated Dr. McSwain for the reputable acknowledgement. “She has committed her expertise and influence to the success of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs),” he added.

The B-CU Online College was ranked the third top choice out of 65 accredited Methodist colleges or universities in the nation and was recently USDLA recertified in 2016. The online college is the first program in the State of Florida and the second HBCU in the nation to be certified. Currently, the online college offers eleven (11) degree programs, including three masters and eight bachelors. “B-CU has work closely with the USDLA to maintain the quality of the online programs to ensure that excellence is carried throughout our second certification term,” Dr. McSwain said. “I am more than thrilled and proud to receive this distinguished honor to bring back to B-CU,” she added.

For more information on B-CU Online College, contact Dr. Arletha McSwain, Dean of Online College & Professional Studies, 386-481-2094 or mcswaina@cookman.edu.

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