Don’t Damage Your Destiny


Your greatest enemy is YOU, so DO the Right thing, the Godly thing and just STAND, having done all, just stand on God’s WORD. It is much more helpful to find In the Lord His goodness, and mercy for your stumbles.

We must master our bodies or our bodies will master us. Your goal is hereaccept it. Your victory is now-claim it. Your power is in the Lord-believe Him. Your faith is mighty-use it. Your testimony is thrillinggive it. The back of all Sin is Satan. He is powerful, but not all powerful. He can’t make you sin. When you are tempted, call on God:-He’ll give you victory in the nick of time! Hallelujah!!

It is the passion for life that comes from knowing you are alive. Throw away the clutter of your everyday lives to explore all the divine passion, purpose, and possibility God has designed for each of us. I ask you, are you getting lazy in your love for God’s Word? Are you no longer redeeming the time, but instead wasting hours on the internet or in front of your t.v.?

Heed the clear warnings of scripture. If you become sluggish, falling into Spiritual slumber (the big sleep), you’ll eventually cross a line you never could have imagined happening. You’ll cast yourself into the company of foolish virgins.

You’ll be given over to a deep sleep, and before you know it, the flame in your lamp Of preparation will flicker out and die. Look around the church scene today, I not only see lazy shepherds, but also slumbering saints. I also see pleasure mad Christians who are moving fearlessly, and headlong into selfish lusts of all kind.

Yet in spite of all this wickedness, and slothfulness, God has not forsaken His people. Instead, He has commanded His faithful ones to cry out a warning, and this Holy Remnant of Watchmen will not be silenced. In Spite of being mocked, scorned, and ridiculed, we as servants MUST cry aloud the message that burns in our hearts: The Hour is now midnight, and the bridegroom is coming for His bride. Jesus will soon be at the door- Christians be ready to meet your Lord…

Signs all around us are pointing to the Lord’s soon return, that day is getting so close and as that moment approaches, darkness, and turmoil are going to increase in the earth. The foundations of every society will be shaken to their core. Even now there is an inner knowledge that this world can’t continue as it is. Something supernatural has to happen.

There must be, and will be some kind of divine intervention from on high. When that moment comes, we won’t have time to develop Christ’s character in our soul. There is proof in Christ’s own words that only the truly saved believers will be included in His bridehood.

All who tried to hold onto world, rejection, rebellion; who wanted only His name but not his love will be left outside, and the door will be shut. The good news is that there’s still time. The door is still opened, and the Lord’s greatest desire is to have you at His side for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Don’t damage your destiny. He loves you even in your negligence. Please don’t overlook these simple steps if you want to be a Wise virgin and go inside with Jesus.

To Be Continued Next Week

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