Donna Williams Announces Her Candidacy For Garden City, Council Member At-Large


On Friday, July 2, 2021, at City Hall surrounded by Garden City supporters, family and friends, local community advocate, founder/executive director of S2S Facts announced her candidacy for the council member At-Large seat in the upcoming municipal election in Garden City, GA scheduled for November 2, 2021.

“After a lot of thought, prayer, and support from many residents and family, I have decided to offer my name for an opportunity to serve my city on the council. Garden City is in the heart of Chatham County; our city has a blend of small business, industrial, and approximately 9000 residents. As I work with residents within the 5 districts of the city in establishing a neighborhood association, many would like clear concise communication, transparency from the government as well as growth for Garden City.” Donna said. “I am running for the Council member At-Large seat to work with my community, businesses, and government to M.O.V.E Garden City Forward.”

Throughout the summer and fall, Donna plans to meet and visit residents listening to their concerns and issues. Before the November 2nd election she will release a comprehensive platform for voters to consider which will focus on four key priorities:

M – Making a Difference

O – Optimizing


V – Voice for Everyone

E – Empowering


“Garden City is at a critical juncture, COVID-19 has exposed opportunities of improvement. Whereas, we have seen some changes, there is more change to come” Donna said. “I believe to manage change effectively we will need a balance of new ideas, collaboration, and experience on the council.”

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