Dominique Pressley is the Superintendent’s Student of the Month

Dominique Pressley
Dominique Pressley

The Superintendent’s Student of the Month is Dominique Pressley. She is a junior at Alfred Ely Beach High School. Dominique was selected for her academic achievement, leadership skills, and ability to overcome challenges.

Currently possessing an 85 GPA, Dominique is an inspiration to students that they can turn things around for the better.

Dominique enrolled in the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System in May of 2009 after changing school districts several times. The constant change had an obvious impact on Dominique and it showed in her academic performance. However, in September 2010, things began to improve for Dominique after her exceptional gift for mathematics was discovered. Soon after, she was placed in an advanced classroom where she excelled.

By January, Dominique was blossoming. Her grades went from 80s to 90s. By the middle of February, Dominique was tutoring her peers and working in the guidance office.

Students who are tutored by Dominique give her credit for gaining an understanding of the material and improving their grades. The guidance office sings her praises as well.

Her teacher, Heather Wright describes her as “the epitome of what a Beach student should embody. She is a leader and mentor who is wellrespected by her peers and teachers and she strives daily to academically exceed what is asked of her. She is kind, softspoken and wellmannered.”

When asked what motivates her to strive for academic success, Dominique said, “The simple fact of wanting to be all I can be motivates me to work harder. Seeing the effect I can have on my peers that I am helping, has been a great motivator for me.”

The Superintendent’s Student of the Month program recognizes individual students who have excelled in the area of academics, leadership, and community service. Dominique Pressley was recognized by Superintendent, Thomas B. Lockamy Jr., Ed.D. at the regular board meeting on May 4, 2011. She was presented with an award plaque and a $100 savings bond.

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