Dockery to Display Art


Britton Dockery began his artistic endeavors as a adolescent Inspired by Dali and Magritte, allowed the gateway for fine arts to open. Over the years as a self taught artist, transcending techniques and liberal views have made his art what it is today.

Dockery will display his art at the Sentient- Bean, located at 13 E. Park Ave. beginning August 1 for 2 months.. The opening reception will be held, Friday, August 4th,

Dockery is a 2011 graduate of H. V Jenkins. Gaining inspiration from the heart of the city , has been a reoccurring theme for the young artist. Telling normal stories in a unorthodox manner has created surreal imagery that is truer than the literal truth.

As the prolific artist continues to mature, he has no intention of slowing down. This is a lifestyle in which he could not exist without, as he is a surrealist at heart and in the mind.

For more information contact Britton Dockery at (912) 257-8052.

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