District Attorney’s Office Announces Re-Organization

Diane McLeod
Diane McLeod

The Office of Eastern Judicial Circuit/Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm announces the recent reorganization of staff and new hires.

Foremost in this reorganization is the temporary and interim plan aimed at securing the leadership base of the District Attorney’s Office at large. The Office continues to be led by the District Attorney and the Leadership Team, which he designated upon taking office. However, the Chief Assistant District Attorney role has been divided into two new temporary positions: Chief Assistant District Attorney for Administration and Chief Assistant District Attorney for Legal Support.

Effective immediately the following interim appointments have been made:

Diane M. McLeod, formerly Deputy Chief Assistant for Juvenile Court, has been appointed to the Chief Assistant District Attorney for Administration. Diane will take on the administrative functions of the Chief. Assistant Role to include the issues ranging from expungements and extraditions to assignment of special investigations and the supervision of Chief Criminal Investigator, and the personnel of the Violence Intervention Program. She is designated to lead the office in the absence of the District Attorney and make such administrative decisions as may be required during any times that, he is unavailable from the jurisdiction or unavailable for service. McLeod will serve in this capacity until a permanent candidate is identified and hired. Diane brings 17 years of experience as a lawyer to the Chatham County District Attorney’s office. Prior to joining the DA’s office, she operated her own private practice. While in private practice, she served as a judge pro-tem for the Chatham County Recorder’s Court for

Margaret Heap
Margaret Heap
more than 12 years and represented the Chatham County Board of Assessors for more than 10 years. Diane earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Armstrong- Atlantic State University and her law degree from Georgia State University. She also has a certificate of Training from the Georgia Municipal Courts Training Council.

Margaret “Meg” Heap, formerly Chief Assistant District Attorney, has been appointed Chief Assistant District Attorney for Legal Support. Meg will work to close out or transition major legal proceedings that have been previously identified or under her direct oversight and she will supervise Superior Court and Special Victim’s Unit until her departure from the office on August 13th.

Cheryl Rogers, formerly Assistant Director of Victim-Witness Assistance Program (VWAP), has been appointed as Interim Director of the Victim-Witness Assistance Program. Cheryl has over 24 years of experience in VWAP and has served as the Assistant Director of VWAP for over 3 years. She will assume leadership of VWAP until a permanent candidate is hired through the regular Chatham County Human Resource advertising process. New Hires include: David Sneed, who served formerly an Assistant District Attorney in the Juvenile Court Division and as a floater in the Special Victims Unit and Superior Court of the DA’s Office, has recently transitioned to State Court as an Assistant District Attorney, closing the vacancy left by Allison Bailey. David does not join the State Court team as a novice, but rather has extensive experience as a corporate attorney working most recently at the prestigious Hunter Maclean law firm in Savannah

David Sneed
David Sneed
before joining the DA’s Office in 2009. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Yale University in Political Science and his law degree from Cornell Law School.

Reginald C. Martin, recently replaced retiree George Asinc. He is an Assistant District Attorney assigned to Judge Morse’s Superior Court trial team. He has been an attorney for six years and has been employed most recently in the Office of the Public Defender in Clayton County, after service in the PD’s office in the Atlantic Judicial Circuit and in private practice in Jesup. He also worked in the DA’s Office in the Western Judicial Circuit before practicing and as an adjunct professor in criminal and business law for three years. He holds bachelors from Morehouse College, a Masters from Columbia University and his law degree from Loyola University.

District Attorney, Larry Chisolm, says: “I remain fully committed to ensuring that the work of the District Attorney’s Office not only continues, but that it does so at a world class level.

This means that we not only stabilize leadership, but we make the best use of the talent that exists in the DA’s Office currently and that we bring in highly competent new staff that are focused on prosecuting crime aggressively and efficiently and are not afraid of change.

I have said before and will say again, that I believe we have some of the best attorneys in the country prosecuting from our office. It is my goal to continue to build on that solid foundation and propel the District Attorney’s Office into the 21st Century.”

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