Digging Savannah – Digging Kiah The Kiah House Museum


The Kiah House Museum is in the Cuyler Brownsville Neighborhood, which is one of the oldest African-American communities in Savannah.

Since the late eighteenth century, a community of free African Americans has lived in and around this urban neighborhood of Cuyler Brownville.

Today, the community’s social fabric is threatened by gentrification, crime, lack of economic development. Precisely, 505 W. 36th Street, former home of Dr. and Mrs. Calvin L. Kiah and the Kiah Museum, is threatened with the new “blight tax” due to the deterioration of the building. At the request of community members, and the CFSAADMC Friends of the Kiah Museum, archaeology should be part of an interdisciplinary project aimed at using conversations about the past to bring people together to value the Kiah House Museum and the Cuyler Brownville Community, its contributions to the City of Savannah, and its ongoing existence.

On Saturday March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th, 2018, from 9:00am to 4:00pm Digging Savannah-Georgia Southern Armstrong Campus will continue an archaeology dig. This project works with community members to identify goals for community development and to use public archaeology to meet those goals.

The excavations will be open to the public. Students will be expected to help with public interpretation and education. Outreach will extend beyond the dig days.

Contact for more information: Laura Seifert: laura.seifert@armstrong.edu; Dr. Deborah Johnson Simon: djohnsonsimon@gmail.com; Tina Hicks: kiahmuseum505@gmail.com

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