Difficulty In The Polls: Delays In The Voting Process


On Tuesday Chatham County voters headed to the polls for the long awaited primary election. Voters found themselves waiting in long lines due to the use of new voting machines and the technicians lack of training on the use of the new machines.

During an interview with Chatham County Board of Elections Member, Antwan Lang, he stated, “From my perspective, the biggest issue was the set-up process. I take responsibility as a member of the board for the lack of training.” The problems led to several polling stations remaining open beyond 7 p.m. on election day. Chatham County Superior Court Judge James Bass was requested by the Board of Elections to rule on several polling locations to remain open until 9 p.m. election day due to major hindrances, and specifically polls that opened an hour later than was scheduled.

“I believe the solution to the many challenges that emerged last Tuesday would be to double check that our poll managers and workers have hands-on experience in setting up the polls. Another solution is that every poll should be properly equipped with power sources in case of a power outage, the machine will continue to function” continued Lang.

The Secretary of State’s office has opened an investigation to inquire about training from local officials to determine why there were numerous technical difficulties statewide. “I think everyone is under examination as far as the state doing a blanket investigation in general of all counties.”

Lang also ventured to say that there should be an audit for all of the voting equipment to make sure that the printed ballots are saved. “The number of votes in the bin should match the number of votes that were recorded on the machine itself. I think that may be a good indication as to whether things were done right or wrong as well.” stated Lang.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the investigations, the public is allowed to file “Open Records Request’ through the website at sos. ga.gov/OpenRecords/ and continuously follow the news on anything that the Secretary of State is disclosing.

Despite the long delay and issues encountered, votes are still being counted including absentee and provisional ballots. A full list of election results will be published in our next edition.

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