DeRenne Students Experience Flight Training


On Thursday May 23rd, 2013, three distinguished students of DeRenne Middle School along with Principal, Mrs. Carol Mobley and two teachers, were guests of Flight Safety International Inc., At Flight Safety, they were shown how pilots learn to fly in the company’s huge facilities located at Savannah/ Hilton Head International Airport. Flight Safety International trains most Gulfstream pilots (and others) in all aspects of aircraft operation. Last Thursday, the DeRenne Middle School award winning students and their teachers were shown how this training is done. The extensive tour showed how student pilots learn the aircraft systems by flying the aircraft in simulators with take-offs and landings, and all aspects of safety and emergency procedures. Students were told about aircraft navigation systems, how pilots communicate with the control towers, and how pilots deal with the myriad situations they may face as they travel the world.

The DeRenne students were Deaunte Jackson, Miah Jones, and Alexander Coleman; the faculty members accompanying them were, Wanda

(L-R) Jeff Ross, Miah Jones, Deautray Jones, and Alexander Coleman.
(L-R) Jeff Ross, Miah Jones, Deautray Jones, and Alexander Coleman.
Hopkins, Physical Science teacher, and W. Victor Myles, Technology teacher. They were welcomed, escorted and instructed by Jeffrey Rose, the Assistant Center Manager at Flight Safety International and a pilot himself.

Rose spent the afternoon talking to the guests, taking them to the sites where the many phases of instruction took place and into a simulator where they experienced exactly the same environment that student pilots face as they learn their skills. Students saw the maintenance facility and the area where emergency procedures are taught, including fire emergency, evacuation over a wing and over water. Rose emphasized, as he showed all the skills a pilot needs, training is geared to safety at all times and under all circumstances. Rose told the students, “never to panic when faced with difficult situations”. “You must keep calm and apply the training you have learned” said Rose. Pilots are taught, Jeff said, to “manage” a plane, not just to fly it; in the case of emergency,

Victor Myles, Jeff Rose, Wanda Hopkins, and Carol F. Mobley.
Victor Myles, Jeff Rose, Wanda Hopkins, and Carol F. Mobley.
pilots are instructed to fly the plane while assessing the situation they face and determine what action must be taken. Pilot training is usually specific to the actual aircraft a pilot will fly, and pilots come back to Flight Safety International once a year or more for updating. This company also teaches cabin attendants who, aside from learning the skills of helping and serving passengers in flight, are trained to be a key part of any emergency action that is required.

Members of the Skidaway Island Rotary Club were also in attendance. They also sponsored the visit as a part of their mission of teaching and career assistance to the staff and pupils of De- Renne Middle School. The Skidaway Island Rotary Club is committed to improving student education and has enjoyed a partnership of almost ten years with DeRenne Middle School. All in attendance thanked Rose and Flight Safety International Inc., for their hospitality and for a wonderful, eye-opening tour of their exciting training facilities.

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