Deep Speaks Spring 2020 Featuring Savannah’s Most Talented Young Writers


DeepCenter presents Deep Speaks Spring 2020, a celebration of creative writing readby Savannah’s young people. Deep Speaks is the culmination of the Young Author Project, Deep’sintroductory program that engages public middle and high school students withlanguage and personal stories to help them grow as learners, celebrate theirlives and communities, and express themselves with skill, confidence, andcourage.

In light of- COVID-19, Deep Speaks Spring 2020 has gonevirtual, with a permanent page on Deep’s website where viewers will be able to watchvideos created by our young people themselves, in which a representative writer from each Young AuthorProject workshop presentsa reading of the piece they worked so hard to compose during that challengingSpring 2020 school semester. Youth are selected for the program by a teacher at their school based ondemonstrated need, enthusiasm, and dedication. The youngauthors featured at Deep Speaks this semester were selected from their cohortby Deep volunteer Writing Fellows and staff members to read their originalpoems and short prose for the world to hear. Works created by all participatingyouth will be published in four separate anthologies, which are available online,at no cost. To view theYoung Author Project Spring 2020 collection on ISSUU, go to project-spring-2020- on-issuu/ “In the midst ofour current global heartbreak, there must also be room for joy,” explains Maria Zoccola, program manager of Deep’s YoungAuthor Project. “I hope all of Savannah joins mein uplifting and celebrating the voices of the young creatives in the YoungAuthor Project, both through our virtual Deep Speaks and through reading ourpublished anthologies. Our young people are shining a light that only burnsmore brightly in difficult times.”

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