Deacons Ordination Service At Connor’s Temple

Connor’s Temple Baptist Church will be ordaining three Deacons In-Training as Deacons at the Ordination Service scheduled for Sunday, September 16, 2018 at 4:30 P.M. at the church. Speaker for the service will be Rev. Marque C. Johnson, Sr., pastor of Second Saint John Baptist Church in Savannah.

The Deacons In-Training that are being ordained are: Bro. Johnny Brown, Bro. Robert Gettis, and Bro. Charles Johnson. The wives that are being set aside as Deaconess are: Sis. Juanita Brown, Sis. Sherza Gettis, and Sis. Neoyshi Johnson.

Connor’s Temple Baptist Church is located at 509 West Gwinnett Street and Rev. Terrance L. Burrell, Sr. is pastor. The public is invited to come and witness this service as these individuals are officially invested with the duties of Christian Stewardship and Servantship.

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