Dawning Of A Miracle Scholarship Recipient

l-r: Dawn Baker and Chantel Nicole Lewis Cummings (Scholarship Recipient)
l-r: Dawn Baker and Chantel Nicole Lewis Cummings (Scholarship Recipient)

In front of a large crowd in Forsyth Park on Sunday, May 15, 2016, Dawn Baker surprised Chantel Nicole Lewis Cummings by awarding her the 2016 “Dawning of a Miracle Scholarship.” The Jenkins High School graduating senior knew she was a finalist for the annual $1,000 scholarship, but had no idea that she would receive the scholarship on that day. “I just can’t believe it. I thought Mrs. Baker invited all of the finalists today. I had no idea that I was the only one. I am so excited and grateful. It’s a great help. It will go toward my room and board and books. I don’t have to really worry about working and college. So it will be really good,” said Chantel Cummings.

“Chantel is a rock star in my book! In spite of many obstacles at home, including working to help her single mother take care of her ill grandmother, Chantel has maintained an “A” average and earned extremely high SAT scores and numerous awards. When many young people would have slacked off in school, this scholarship. I am so inspired by all of the scholarship recipients. These young ladies have faced more obstacles

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