Critz, Inc. Reviews Plans for Major Renovation and Build-Out

Dale Critz stands between renderings of the new Critz BMW Mercedes-Benz
Dale Critz stands between renderings of the new Critz BMW Mercedes-Benz

On Wednesday, March 2 a press conference was held at Critz BMW and Mercedes-Benz on Abercorn Street at Stephenson Avenue.

During that time, Dale Critz, Jr. reviewed the plans and itinerary for current and upcoming construction for major renovation to several buildings on their luxury and domestic properties, as well as discussed unique features of the new buildings.

The three-part project, which launched February 5, is beginning with Mercedes-Benz Sales and Mercedes-Benz and GM Service centers.

Phase 1 will be completed by June 30 and will encompass the renovation of 15,000 square feet. Phases 2 and 3 will be completed by June 2012 and will encompass the renovation of 25,000 square feet and 3,500 square feet respectively. Phase 2 will focus on the renovation of the BMW Sales and Service centers, while Phase 3 will cover the GM Sales center. Hussey Gay

Rendering of the new Critz BMW
Rendering of the new Critz BMW
Bell and Deyoung International are the architects and engineers on all three phases, and the contractor for Phase 1 is Weimar Construction.

Each building will feature various design elements unique to the specific brands. Phase 1 will incorporate Mercedes- Benz’s “Autohaus” Global Design initiative featuring an integrated and open sales and service reception layout. Phase 2 will be a ground-up new BMW dealership incorporating BMW’s belief that architecture is critical to a client’s experi- ence.

Phase 3 will also incorporate Buick/GMC’s new design initiative that visually represents Buick’s “Unpretentious Luxury” and GMC’s “Engineering Excellence”.

All three buildings will incorporate multiple interactive displays, a central cafe and open architecture for three-point contact between Sales, Service & Parts and Accessories.

Critz, Inc. is an author- ized dealer for Mercedes- Benz, BMW, GMC, and Buick serving Savannah and the Coastal Empire since 1938.

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