Crime in the City


We hear of crime in the city and you wonder how it can change. There is only one answer to that. Knowing that crime is a sin and Satan is behind it all, the answer is God. He is the only one who can combat crime. Therefore true born again saints can may a change.

We, the Unswitchables go out each June throughout the city helping the Police Department. I have letters informing me that the crime rate goes down whenever we go out because we go out into the worst crime areas in Savannah. The Police Department gives us what we ask for because Jesus said, “To go out to the unrighteous” and we are following Jesus.

We are only in need of help because God said to “Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers for the laborers are few.”My on my how true that is because we have asked for help from all churches of all races, -, black, white, red, yellow, etc. We have put the cry out on the television, in the morning news, in the weekly papers such as the Herald and Tribune. But only a few will answer His call.

I would like to ask those who profess Jesus as Lord, are you for Him or against Him? Prove It. Unswitchables (name God gave to me) means to switch onto Jesus and never switch off. Some people have asked me, “Aren’t you scared? And I would say No of course not. Because if God be for you, who can be against you. That is why we win!

The Crime rate comes down when we go out, but I pray to God to send more soldiers of the Cross, more Power Teams to come forth and live what you believe!

God’s word says we must walk by faith, and not by sight. So stop looking at the BAD and see the GOOD that God can, and will do, when we, His people would believe and do the works that Jesus, His only son did. Jesus walked the streets winning sons and the Unswitchables are also doing it.

Call me Mama Thomas – Evangelist Rachel Thomas at 234-3107. We need and want your Help. We would be overjoyed to have you join us and God will bless you always.

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