CPR Training Offered

Immediate CPR can mean the difference between life or death for those who suffer from sudden cardiac arrest. But too few Chatham County residents are prepared to perform CPR in emergency situations. In response to this need, Saving Lives In Chatham County, Inc., will be teaching one hour CPR courses in a huge training event at the Savannah Civic Center on November 1, 2008. There is no charge for the training. The trainees will need an American Heart Association CPR kit, which costs $32.10 (including tax) and can be purchased at the time of your on-line registration. A couple can share a kit, and trainees can take the kit home to teach their family & friends. Pre-registration is required.

The first course begins at 7:30 AM, and the last begins at 4:30 PM. A “CPR for Infants” course will also be offered at selected times throughout the day.

Register online at www.SLICC.org

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