Counting The Cost-Loving Christ Above All Else

Evang. Rachel Thomas
Evang. Rachel Thomas

God has something specific He wants you to do. Since some believers choose to live their Christian life detached from other believers, and the world, they can have no impact. This is the equivalent of FAILURE in God’s eyes. It is not only an issue of Salvation, because their name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Still, they miss out on an important PURPOSE the Lord has for their lives. Remember that success for the Christian is not merely the avoidance of sin; it is a BELIEVERS life so Glorifying the Lord that it makes an ETERNAL difference to another person.

Christ MUST Be Our Top Priority-True disciples allow Christ to live His life through them. Jesus warned that this is a costly proposition, and He urged His followers to consider ahead of time what is involved, (Luke 14:28-31). In fact, the Lord clearly described a major “price tag”: If anyone comes to ME, and does not hate his own father, and mother and wife and children brothers, and sisters yes, even his own life, he cannot be MY disciple” (Luke 14:26). The Greek word translated here as “hate”, actually means “to love less”. In other words, we are fit to be Jesus’ disciples only when our love for Him surpasses our attachment to the most precious things in our life and obey Him even at the cost of being misunderstood. Nowhere does Scripture imply that the Christian life is easy or that our believing friends and family will agree with us. In fact, our Faith journey home may well be a painful process. Notice what Jesus required of His followers-He called men to give up their vocation of fishing or collecting taxes to follow Him (Mtt. 4:20, 9:9). What do you suppose their parents thought about that? They were not necessarily thrilled, just as some fine Christian parents today hesitate saying “I want my children to follow the Lord, as long as they don’t go overseas” or, I want God to use my children but I certainly don’t want Him to call them in the ministry”. From Jesus’ point of view, there is not one single acceptable condition- no “if”, but, or useless”- that can be placed on our unwavering loyalty to Him. In other words, our love relationship MUST BE in correct priority order: Jesus Christ above everybody else, and everything else, NO MATTER WHAT!

We as disciples of Christ, must die to self. In Luke 14:27, Jesus mentions another cost, when He says “Whoever does not carry his own cross, and come after Me cannot be MY disciple”. People often refer to some physical illness as their “cross”, but that is not what this versus means. In fact, it means more than that. In the first century, the cross was an instrument of one’s execution; you would get the meaning more easier if we read it like this- “Whoever does not carry his own electric chair…”

What Jesus is saying is that His disciples have chose death to the selflife, and attach themselves to Him. Picking up our cross also speaks of a willingness to suffer pain, persecution, and shame on Christ’s behalf. It does not refer to bearing criticism and reproach for our own sin, but rather means enduring rejection the Glorifies the LIVING GOD.

Ask yourself, To what am I attached??? There is nothing wrong with enjoying relationships, or belongings as long as possessions and emotional attachments do Not supersede the Lord in importance. A genuine follower of Jesus Christ sinks very, very shallow roots into the world (if any at all). The truth is, you and I MUST BE AVAILABLE to Do whatever God says, and to go wherever He directs, at any moment, regardless of what His choice may be.

To be God’s disciples, we must DETACH from this world, and be ATTACHED to CHRIST, not to possessions, ideologies, or relationships. We MUST Follow Jesus, whatever the COST, even if it means turning down careers, advancements, or breaking off a relationship. Should you lose ANYTHING out of OBEDIENCE to God, He WILL NO DOUBT promote you in His own time. And when He does the outcome is far BETTER! (my teaching career-example) Luke 14:33 says, “So then, none of you can be MY disciple who does Not give up ALL his possessions” There Must come a time in your life when you say, “God, my life is YOURS: Do with it as You choose”. The real question is will to pay the cost? Jesus did for you!

Say YES, to Jesus. Be willing to take up your cross, to detach yourself from the World’s temptations, and to suffer persecution for the cause of Christ. Then attach yourself to the Savior, and make Him your number ONE (1) priority. He said “If you suffer with ME, you shall also reign with ME.” Hallelujah! It will be worth it ALL to follow Jesus! He Is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Hey, so GET A LIFE! Hallelujah AMEN! A LIFE WORTH LIVING for JESUS! God Bless you, and keep you is my prayer for you. God loves you, and so do I.

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