Converting Opportunity to Wealth in Our Community at the Hungry Club Forum


Savannah- Chatham County and surrounding areas are invited to participate in a virtual forum entitled, “Converting Opportunity to Wealth in Our Community- Part 1.” Hosted by the Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc. (HCFS) and co-sponsored by the Carver State Bank, Robert E. James, President, the forum is designed to delve into the very important framework of increasing the potential for business and economic development in the area community. Attorney Robert E. James, II will serve as lead presenter along with Carver State Bank professionals Alicia Gaffney and Andre Allen. According to James, “Our presentation will focus on small business financing opportunities available through Carver State Bank and how businesses can prepare themselves to seek capital.”

Everyone is invited to tune in to on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 9:30 AM for the Facebook livestream. Your questions and comments will be welcome.

Over the last two months, due to the shelterin place directives issued by the State of Georgia and the City of Savannah, the HCFS has not been able to serve up its usual, monthly breakfast, but continues to invite families to prepare their own breakfast and tune in to According to Diana Harvey Johnson, President, Pinnacle Communications Corporation, a consultant to the HCFS, “through technology, we will continue our goal of providing quality community education issues forums providing the public with an opportunity to participate in an informal, relaxed community dialogue. One that provides our diverse audience of participants a unique opportunity to gain a close-up understanding of issues and concerns facing our community.” The HCFS’ Board of Directors is pleased to once again welcome the participation of the Carver State Bank in a forum presentation.

Please mark your calendar for Part 2 of “Converting Opportunity to Wealth in Our Community,” on Saturday, July 4th, at 9:30 AM and co-sponsored by longtime HCFS member and participant Judge Tammy Stokes. For more information, please call 912- 927-8425 or 233-0855.

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