Consortium of Doctors, Inc. Recognizes Dr. Abigail Jordan

Dr. Abigail H. Jordan
Dr. Abigail H. Jordan

Dr. Abigail H. Jordan, known affectionately as Dr. Abbie, was a pioneer of power in Savannah, and we honor her memory as a strong, courageous citizen of this city and state. Dr. Jordan passed in January of this year, in Atlanta with her only son Ken. Her Memorial Service was held at her home church St. Philip A.M. E. here in Savannah.

Still as in life, in her passing, she will continue to be a bright light in our lives. The Consortium of Doctors, (COD), of which Dr. Jordan founded, will honor her throughout the organization’s conference, July 25-28. “Our entire event is themed around honoring Dr. Jordan. “She was a true ‘mover and shaker’ in Savannah and beyond,” said Dr. Phyllis Qualls, director of COD.

In Dr. Jordan’s unrelenting drive to get the African American Family Monument erected, she made great sacrifices. Her name, nor the name of COD was inscribed on the plaque. At her Memorial Service, her son and city officials, said that should be and would be corrected. The new plaque will be unveiled during the COD conference on Friday, July 25 at noon, to ‘right this wrong.’ The event takes place at Rousakis Plaza on River Street and the public is invited to attend. Her son Ken Jordan said, “I am so very pleased the plaque will be correctly inscribed with the names of my Mother and COD, the organization she founded.”

In addition to the unveiling at the African American Monument, there will be other open events during the conference, including the Bouquet of Doctors Banquet on Saturday, July 27 at the DeSoto Hotel.

The Monument gives homage to slave ancestors and represents the African American Family with depictions of a Mother, Father and two children, a boy and girl.

It speaks of the unity of a family, that survived the slave journey, slave treatment in America, desegregation and still the African American family was able to stand together in unity.

The Consortium was created to recognize African American women with Doctorate Degrees who have made significant achievements in their field. History reveals that in 1997, Dr. Jordan encouraged the COD to pick up the mantle of her dream and contribute to the building of Savannah’s first African American Monument. On July 27, 2002, the dream was realized and the City of Savannah, Georgia unveiled the first African American Monument in the United States in Rousakis Plaza on River Street alongside the Savannah River.

In addition to Dr. Jordan’s triumphant success of the Monument, of which she contributed her own personal funds, as well as receiving many contributions from others, her many attributes and accomplishments include her educational prowess. She began her education matriculation in the Wilcox County School system in the early 1930’s and later attended the Hazard Training School, later became Albany State College,

, where she graduated from college. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Albany State College (1948) Master of Arts (Atlanta University (1953) and her Doctorate degree from the University of Georgia (1979). She also did further study at the University of Chicago, the University of California (Los Angeles), the University of Ohio State and Georgia Southern, to name a few.

For more information please contact Dr. Marguerite Birt, 912-921-0334, also please view the COD website at

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