Community Service Can Be Therapeutic


Community service can be defined as voluntary work intended to help people in a particular area. Generally, community service is unpaid and this can deter a lot of people from doing this unless it’s actually required.

To Port Wentworth resident, Mrs. Sheila Durdley, the pay is not important. Mrs. Durdley is a native of Dunn, North Carolina. She earned a Certificate as a Child Care Specialist and she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Christian Counseling. For the past eight years, she has been doing community service at the Inner City Shelter Inc. and at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. When she saw homeless people in the Downtown Savannah area, she decided that she would do something to help them. She attends Overcoming by Faith Church Ministries and an opportunity came up there to do volunteer work and she decided to join. Mrs. Durdley goes to visit the homeless shelter every third Saturday of the month and she visits the jail bi-monthly.

She remarked that on a typical day at the homeless shelter, she and the other helpers invite people in. They open up with prayer and then they begin to sing songs. Next, they do daily devotionals and they open up the floor for testimonies. Afterward, they serve the food for the day. After everyone has eaten, they close out in prayer. Mrs. Durdley volunteers at the women’s jail also. She said that a typical day at the women’s jail starts out with prayer. She said that the women choose to open up with their testimonies.

Mrs. Durdley said that her volunteer work has had a huge impact on her life. She has realized that everyone needs God in their lives. She believes through her volunteer work, she is helping the homeless and incarcerated to realize that. She also wants them to know that God loves them and cares about them the same as anyone else. Mrs. Durdley realizes that you never know what life is going to throw at you. It’s best not to judge the homeless or incarcerated. She mainly wants to share God’s love and let everyone know that they have a chance to go to Heaven.

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