Community Help, Inc. Receives Acknowledgement From Mayor and Council

Members of Community Help, Inc along with City Council Members
Members of Community Help, Inc along with City Council Members
Community Help, Inc., a not for profit, community development corporation, went before Mayor Eddie Deloach and City Council of the City of Savannah, Georgia to receive an acknowledgement for the work it has done. Bernard Polite, president of the organization was the first of three board members to speak. He said “On behalf of the Board of Directors and Volunteers of Community Help, Inc., I want to express our gratitude to you and the citizens you serve. Your kind and thoughtful words are not wasted; but rather you inspire us to do more. It is our intent to continue to serve Savannah and Chatham County.”

Claudia Clarke, who is employed as a vice president with Carver State Bank, brought specific news regarding one of their areas of work. She said “First, we always try to work with partners in order to get more “bang for the buck”. During this last year, an example of this includes roof replacement and minor home repair for home owners in need of help. In concert with the City of Savannah and other funding sources; we were able to complete 18 projects. Our financial contribution totaled slightly over $36,000.00. Through the synergism of partnerships, $177,315.00 represents the total cost of the work on these eighteen homes.

“Incidentally,” she said, “through September of this year, working in partnerships, we have completed 18 projects”.

It was Ruby Lipscomb a retired educator who then gave additional examples of their work the; “Hour of Power” and “Share the Harvest” Food Distribution projects. She said our partners include St. Philip Monumental A.M.E. Church, International Paper Company, America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, Savannah State University, and individual community volunteers. For 2016 this effort resulted in three teams having a weekly visit with seniors who maybe sick and shut-in. During the visit, we deliver a hot meal, engage in conversation, prayer and occasionally we sing songs of joy. Then, there were the two bulk food distributions.

Approximately 220 economically challenged families received boxes of food that weighed nearly 70 pounds each and contained a variety of meats, canned fruits, vegetables, grits, rice and pasta. The total weight for each of the two distributions was about 8,000 pounds. Ruby informed everyone that Community Help, Inc. is planning a Gala celebration of this work on the campus of Savannah State University Saturday, October 28th, 7:00p.m. in the Student Center. We hope the community can join us. There is also a Silent Auction, starting at 6:00p.m.

Mr. Polite, then informed the Council that” this is our third Gala and we want to celebrate our successes with you and share our thoughts for the future. We know that our mission calls for us to help people. As we look to the future, our thoughts and our planning will help us improve the lives of our young, our elderly, our weak and our not so strong. We extend an open hand to you as we work towards making our community better.

Mayor Deloach and several members of City Council congratulated the board and volunteers of Community Help, Inc. on the work they are doing.

Tickets are on sale for $60.00 each. Please visit our website at for additional information and to contribute. Community Help, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization.

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