Coastal Jazz Association Presents Sunday Jazz Concert

Russ Nolan
Russ Nolan

The Coastal Jazz Association presents a concert featuring Russ Nolan performing at the Hotel Indigo located at 201 W. Bay St. on Sunday, November 20th. at 5pm.

Coastal Jazz Asociation has partnered with Kirschner Furs to present a mini-fashion show highlighting the latest in fur trim capes, purses, jackets and more. Donated by JoAnne and Charlie Ellis, of Kirschner Furs, a purple Paisley Cashmere/Reversible Shawl trimmed in Purple Fox with matching Purple Skin Purse from Italy designed by Marjorie Renner will be auctioned during the concert. The total value is $1025. Come prepared to bid.

Russ Nolan, an Illinois native started out on clarinet at age 10 while attending school in Gurnee, but sports took precedence and Nolan envisioned becoming a professional athlete. Albums by Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, and the Brecker Brothers turned his head around, however, and he eventually entered the esteemed jazz program at North Texas State (now the University of North


Russ Nolan has been documenting his explorations of Latin rhythms and modern jazz harmony on record since the release of his 2004 debut album, Two Colors. He has worked with special guests like percussionist Victor Rendon and pianists Kenny Werner and Manuel Valera while deepening ties with players who eventually coalesced into his working group.

Nolan gained proficiency in Latin rhythms in an unusual way—by not only learning salsa dancing, but also becoming a stylish expert at it. “The Latin dancing made me stronger rhythmically,” he says. “Playing good time is usually the last thing horn players develop, and dancing has helped me get the rhythm in my body much in the same way a drummer develops four-way coordination.” He’s been connected with New York’s burgeoning Pan-American scene, for the last 3 years leading a salsa band that performs for dancers. For his sixth and most recent CD, Nolan set himself up for a new challenge by recording the session live in performance. The inspired results may be heard on Sanctuary from the Ordinary: Live at Firehouse 12.

Nolan has studied with saxophonist Rich, Dave Liebman, Chris Potter, and Kenny Werner. Nolan also studied with Dave Bloom, founder of the Bloom School of Jazz.

The Coastal Jazz Association November concert will be held at Hotel Indigo (201 W. Bay St.) -located in downtown Savannah, near City Market. Whitaker Street parking garage (underground) nearby, as is street parking. The hotel is also offering discounted valet parking @ $15.

The concert will begin at 5:00 p.m. The public is invited to attend. Admission to the event is $20 for the general public. Current members of the Coastal Jazz Association, as well as students (ID required) are admitted FREE.

Come early, get a good seat and prepare to be entertained, charmed, and astounded.

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