Coastal Jazz Association Presents Savannah Jazz Composers Quartet


The Coastal Jazz Association will help say good-bye to Johnny Harris Restaurant on Sunday, March 20, at 5pm as the Savannah Jazz Composers Quartet plays what will be the historical restaurant’s Swan Song before closing at the end of April. No further concert events are planned to take place at what is one of Savannah’s oldest eatery.

The Savannah Jazz Composers Quartet are a group of composers/players that demonstrate the creativity and adeptness of musi- cians in Savannah.

The Savannah Composers Quartet is a recently formed collaboration of four Savannah musicians: Eric Jones, keyboards, Mitch Hennes, bass, Calvin Barnes, saxophones, and Billy Hoffman, drums. Although they perform often together in a variety of musical settings, for CJA they will be performing a selection of original compositions, both their own and those of notable jazz musicians of all eras. Alongside the venerable jazz tradition of improvising on popular material from the self-styled “American Songbook” – Broadway and pop songs that were written to serve a lyric. A parallel tradition, writing instrumental music for its own sake, goes back at least as far as Bix Biederbeck, Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellingtonto the present. The Savannah Composers Quartet hopes to provide a stimulating and entertaining introduction to this music.

Come early, get a good seat, a glass of wine, and prepare to be entertained, charmed and astounded.

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