Coastal Health District to Host Training to Prevent Obesity

The Coastal Health District will host a regional training for We Can!TM (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition) on Friday, January 29, at the CIA Sports Club in Brunswick. “We Can! is a unique program that provides resources for communities to help them support better nutrition and increased activity to prevent childhood obesity,” said Cristina Gibson, Director of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for the Coastal Health District. “We are thrilled to offer this training to give organizations and community partners tools to help keep our young people healthy.”

“Childhood obesity is a growing problem not only in the Coastal Health District but all over the country,” said Gibson. “The ultimate goal of We Can! is to help children maintain a healthy weight by promoting healthy eating, increased physical activity, and reducing the amount of recreational time spent in front of the television or computer.”

We Can! is a fast-growing national movement of more than 1,200 registered organizations. Four Coastal Health District communities: Brunswick, Savannah, Pembroke, and Woodbine, have already been designated as We Can! cities.

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