City-Wide Outreach- Unswitchables Last Report for 2010

Evangelist Rachel Thomas
Evangelist Rachel Thomas

On last week, we gave a partial report of 2,282 souls that we reached in only 10 days. To God be the glory, and after getting our last reports, our totals went to 2,592 souls reached this year! Praise the Lord!

We, the Unswitchables are inviting all churches to come together as one with us as our Lord desires, and hit the streets June 8-June 29 in 2011.

It’s later than we think, so come obey God, and get this work done for Jesus as God himself planned it for the City of Savannah.

Please call Evangelist Rachel Thomas-234-3107; Min. Barbara Brown-232- 7535; Pastor Henrietta Lovett- 234-7186; Min. Sandra Fleming-234-3529; Bishop and Mrs. Willie Ferrell- 748-9584.

Thanks and God Bless,

Mama Rachel

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