City to Purchase Oglethorpe Lot for New Police Headquarters

Police Chief Willie Lovett
Police Chief Willie Lovett

The city of Savannah is a couple of days away from acquiring property for a new police headquarters. However it is also seeking land for a new Central Precinct.

Those close to the project say the contract is in the final stages of development; this comes after years of hard work to lockdown the purchase of the vacant lot, located at Harbersham and Oglethorpe, for the new police headquarters.

The project will be finalized June 20.

The vacant lot is on the market for $3 million.

Purchasing the site would put to rest years of trying to find a suitable location and the complaints about the current old-style building.

Police Chief Willie Lovett brought his concerns to to City Council regarding the damage and aging aspects of the building. City Council in turn heard these concerns and proceeded to work towards securing a better building. Police complaints about the current building ranged from mold to water damage.

How will the project be paid for?

The city’s general fund will be a source of funding for construction on the Oglethorpe property. The city also has $21 million in SPLOST set aside for new police facility construction.

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