City Of Savannah Employee Named President Of Georgia Association Of Water Professionals

John Sawyer, right, is named president of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.
John Sawyer, right, is named president of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals.

John Sawyer, City of Savannah Public Works and Water Resources Bureau Chief, was selected last Wednesday, July 13, 2016, to be the next president of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals (GAWP). As Bureau Chief, Sawyer is responsible for over 350 employees within 7 departments that produce, treat, and convey safe drinking water, storm water and wastewater, as well as design, build and maintain Savannah’s streets, lanes, sidewalks and other rights of way.

Sawyer received his bachelor of science in civil engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville before joining the City of Savannah in 1990 as a Senior Civil Engineer and Project Manager for all of the City’s water and sewer capital improvements. Prior to his current position, Sawyer also filled the role of director of Savannah’s surface water treatment plant, director of Savannah’s surface water and groundwater treatment and supply, and City of Savannah Water and Sewer director.

GAWP is a notfor profit association whose chief purpose is to educate and assist those who have an interest in the proper management and protection of Georgia’s water resources. GAWP provides professional development and promotes sound public policy in the water resources and related environmental fields.

GAWP’s membership is comprised of water and wastewater treatment plant operators and managers, municipal and industrial officials and environmental managers, civil and environmental engineers, scientists, manufacturers and their representatives, contractors, elected officials, and other’s concerned with Georgia’s water resources. GAWP membership also consists of the professionals who implement state and federal water supply, water protection, and water resource laws and regulations.

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