City Manager Rob Hernandez Announces Resignation


Savannah City Manager Rob Hernandez has tendered his resignation effective June 30, 2019.

Since his arrival in October, 2016, the City has gone through a major restructuring and launched the strategic initiative, Savannah Forward. During this time Savannah has produced a budget surplus approaching $13 million after a one full-budget year. The City has also had its bond rating upgraded to AA+.

“Savannah is a special place,” says Hernandez. “I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve this great city as its city manager. We’ve accomplished a great deal since October 2016 in our journey to make Savannah an extraordinary place to live, learn and prosper. Mercie and I have decided to return to South Florida to help our siblings care for our elderly mothers. As such, I’ve informed city council of my intent to step down from my duties as city manager on June 30, 2019. To that end, I will work very closely with our City Council and staff to ensure a smooth and orderly transition in leadership. I wish all of residents and businesses nothing but the best in their futures.”

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