City Leaders Open Two New Playgrounds

Feiler Park Ribbon cutting
Feiler Park Ribbon cutting

The City of Savannah celebrated play today with the opening of two new playgrounds on Savannah’s westside.

In separate ceremonies, City and neighborhood leaders cut ribbons to open new facilities at the Liberty City Community Center and at a new park in what was once a source of persistent blight in the Feiler Park neighborhood. The additions bring to 57 the number of playgrounds in the City of Savannah.

Alderwoman Dr. Estella Shabazz, whose 5th District includes both playgrounds, said it is one of City Council’s priorities to place more recreation facilities closer to where children live. Improving access to play, she said, increases our young’s people social skills and helps them live healthier lives.

“By adding more playgrounds, our neighborhoods will be healthier and happier today,” Alderwoman Shabazz said. “And Savannah will be stronger and more resilient tomorrow.”

Mayor Pro Tem Van Johnson had the assembled children make a pledge to take care of the new playgrounds, and have more fun outside.

“My grandma used to tell me to just go out and play, and don’t come back until the street lights came on,” Mayor Pro Tem Johnson said. “This playground is yours – it’s for you. Take care of it. And don’t let anyone else come and mess it up.”

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