City Council Adopts Water Bill Discount For Disabled Residents

Savannah City Council recently approved a new program that offers reductions to water and sewer bills for people with disabilities.

Under the program, which goes into effect in January, Savannah residents with a disability who meet income requirements can qualify for $16 off their bi-monthly water and sewer bill.

To be eligible for the discount program, applicants must be: – Between 18-64 years of age – Have a household income of below $958 per month if single/$1,293 if married – Live within the City of Savannah – Water bill must be in the client’s name – Receiving federal Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for a disability

Applications for the discount will be administered by the nonprofit Living Independence for Everyone (LIFE) Inc. Those interested should contact LIFE at 920- 2414 or by visiting

Since 1997, the City has offered an identical discount for senior citizens meeting certain income requirements. That discount program is administered by Senior Citizens Inc. There are currently 367 seniors enrolled in the program, resulting in more than $44,000 in water bill savings.

City of Savannah residents already enjoy one of the lowest water and sewer rates in the entire United States. A 2013 survey by the American Water Works Association found that Savannah’s average water and sewer bill was the third lowest of all systems surveyed in the Southeast, and 36 percent below the regional average.

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