City Approves Green Bike Lanes After Pilot

The Lincoln Street Bicycle Lane will get a new look to improve safety following action by City Council on Monday. Earlier this year the City tested small sections of the bike lane, located on Lincoln between Victory Drive and Liberty Street, with several types of highly visible green markings.

During Monday’s Council Meeting, the Mayor and Aldermen awarded a $221,235 contract to Angco, Inc. to install the bicycle lane using a thermoplastic material. The bicycle lane will be painted the color green to minimize confusion with other standard traffic control markings. It will be 6 feet wide throughout the length of the lane. The City will also take the opportunity to fill in cracks on the roadway and other defects.

“As more of our residents choose biking as their preferred method of transportation, we continue to prioritize their safety by investing in our infrastructure,” said Parking Services Director Sean Brandon.

Investing in bicycle lanes aligns with the City’s Savannah Forward Strategic Plan and promotes #Infrastructure. The expenditure is funded by the Mobility & Parking fund.

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