Citizenship Education Workshop A Crowd Pleaser

“Coppa Claus” is pictured with participants School Citizenship Education Workshop and Christmas Gifts Program
“Coppa Claus” is pictured with participants School Citizenship Education Workshop and Christmas Gifts Program

On Saturday December 5, 2009, more than one hundred schoolaged children and their parents/ guardians attended the School Citizenship Education Workshop and Christmas Gifts Program, sponsored by The Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc. (HCFS) and co-sponsored by the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA) and the U. S. Census Bureau 2010 Accurate Census Count.

Dr. Richardean Golden Anderson, Founder and CEO, Fulton Leadership Academy, the stateís first charter school for boys, served as the keynote speaker on the issue of “When We Plant a SEED: What Lasting Gifts Can We Give to the Youth of Our Community.”

Elder Michael E. Harvey, Assistant Pastor of Haynes Temple Holiness Church and President of the Bibb County Mentors Project also spoke. The program followed the regularly scheduled first Saturday breakfast forum of The HCFS, and was held in the Multipurpose Annex of the West Broad Street YMCA.

Highlights for the youth were the quality gifts presented to the children who reside in the Kayton and Frazier Home Housing Projects.

Rev. Lt. Todd A. “Coppa Claus” Rhodes, Pastor, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Brunswick, GA, also participated in the educational and festive program.

Rev. Thurmond N. Tillman, Sr. Partnership Specialist with the U. S. Census and Chatham County Commission Chairman Pete Liakakis made appeals to the audience to get involved in helping to make sure that Savannah-Chatham County gets an accurate census count.

The count determines the amount of political representation we have in the Congress and other federal positions and the amount of federal funds coming to our community. When census forms are mailed in March, they must be returned no later than April 1, 2010.

The HCFS thanks those who helped to make this youth educational and enrichment program possible: GABWA, Clarence A. Davis, Mike Jones, Evelyn Fields, Brian White, and the staff of Pinnacle Communications Corporation .

Mayor Otis S. Johnson will speak on “Bridges to Our Future” at the Saturday January 2, 2010 breakfast forum.

For more information, please call Julia Wright at 233-0855 or Diana Harvey Johnson at 927-8425.

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