Church of God in Christ Prepares for Convocation

Church of God in Christ invites you to celebrate with them. All nightly services will begin at 7:30PM with the exception of the premusical which starts at 5:30PM. The location for the week of services is Greater Emmanuel Tabernacle at 1101 Stiles Avenue in Savannah.

The speaker for this Aug. 10 Friday is Bishop Moses Lewis (Pastor of Greater Emmanuel Tabernacle). Bishop Lewis is sure to deliver an encouraging message during Fellowship night.This Aug. 11 Saturday, the Jurisdiction will participate in their annual fellowship, family and friends day at L. Scott Stell Park. The Holy week concludes on Sunday, Aug. 12 with guest speaker Bishop Charles McClellan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin followed by our Prelate and Chief Apostle for Southeast Georgia Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, the Honorable Bishop Payne Collins who will deliver the official message at 12pm.

For more information, please contact the church at 912-231-0504.

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