Christian League of Players (Church League) Basketball Season

The Christian League of Players (Church League) basketball season is scheduled to start March 20, 2018. The 2017 year was successful and culminated with an awesome awards banquet. The mission of The Christian League of Players is to nurture youths utilizing sports as a tool to incorporate training that will enhance their future opportunities – spiritually, educationally, socially, and physically.

The vision is to prepare our youth to become productive, economically successful, and community involved adults in society.

The ultimate purpose of The Christian League of Players is to attract and expand opportunities for our youth through sports activities supplemented with academic tutorials. It is a non-profit organization.

The League is open to ALL Churches. The age groups are: age 10 and under, age 12 and under, age 14 and under, and age 17 and under. For practice facilities, if needed, and any other information, contact Mrs. Mary J. Fletcher at or (912) 308-8399.

Please promote and support this worthy cause.

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