Choosing What We Drink

Carolyn Guilford, CNC
Carolyn Guilford, CNC

The choices we make daily determine what our lives will be like tomorrow. Tomorrow, and for weeks – and years to come. The choices we make in the foods we eat, and our choice of drinks, will determine our health, our ability to enjoy life, will determine where we will live and the quality of life we will have.

Recently I read a quote from one of the cola companies, indicating that we need to exercise more. Which is true, but what is also true, is that we need to eliminate sodas from our lives…completely.

Today our cultural norm is to eat whatever is available, not giving much thought to where the food comes from, what it’s made of, and how it got into our hands. There is a whole generation of people who don’t know that real food grows from the ground. But, as far away from the ground the food we eat comes, the sicker the population becomes.

Sad but true, when we see a person who has heart disease, diabetes, cancer, had a joint replacement, who is on dialysis, or who has Alzheimer’s disease, and so many other chronic diseases, you can bet with 98% accuracy that this person had a diet high in manufactured processed foods, meats, and manufactured drinks, sodas included.

The problem with soda is that this liquid candy causes illness and early death. If, when we drank a soda we fell dead, very few persons would be in line for the next one. But, because it leads to years of declining health, with plenty of time in between to pretend it’s not the food we continue to eat and drink, which has injured us from the inside out, killing the body, slowly, but definitely.

This poison is sweet, bubbly, flavorful, refreshing and deadly. The list is endless of the many ways this combination of poisons destroy health and life.

Let’s look at just a few: Brain fog, forgetfulness, tooth decay, pressure in the eyes, throat cancer, poor skin, enlarged heart, high blood pressure, breast cancer, stomach ulcers and cancer, poor digestion and constipation, colon cancer, fatty liver leading to liver failure, kidney stones, leading to kidney failure and dialysis, weakening of bones, fractures and osteoporosis, overweight, dehydration, potassium depletion, (bad for the heart). Even diet sodas create sweet cravings.

Yes, I agree we need to exercise (move) more, but no amount of exercise can override a bad diet. All the body’s systems, tissues and fibers are composed of what we eat, and if we are eating junk, then these very systems, tissues and fibers fail under pressure. Pressure like exercise. The best case scenario starts with clean healthy foods, clean water, and sufficient daily exercise to create and maintain a healthy body.

Remember, Health is a Choice. Carolyn Guilford is a former Critical Care Nurse, certified in Cardiology and Hematology. Consults on Diabetes and Cancer Nutrition, having matriculated the NBCCF’s Project LEAD, AASU, GSU, University of Kansas, NIH, and has earned National Certification as a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant. Carolyn can be contacted via email: Carolyn@ If you’d like to join the next seven week diabetes class beginning in June, call to reserve your spot. Health Restoration Consulting P.O. Box 2814, Savannah, GA 31402 (912) 236-8987

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