Chatham County Proves to be #HurricaneStrong

Savannah- Chatham county has been the first community in Georgia to be recognized as #HurricaneStrong.

# HurricaneStrong is a new collaborative program that has been organized by the Federal Alliance of Sade Homes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and The Weather Channel. The program is providing a national hurricane resilience initiative to save lives and homes across the nation.

Chatham county was honored because of its responses during hurricanes Matthew and Irma.

There are five key areas that a community and its residents must possess to qualify to be #HurricaneStrong. Those 5 key areas include: personal safety, damage prevention, family preparedness, financial security, and community service.

During a press conference that was held following the designation, the five key areas were expanded upon by designated personnel of Chatham county. Captain Kim Middleton from the Savannah Police Department spoke on the evacuation zones here in Savannah. Afterwards, Tara Jennings, Chatham County Strategic planning administrator, covered the importance of individual and family preparedness.

The director of occupational safety and risk management and disability services in Chatham county, Nathan Benson, covered financial security before a disaster. In the press conference, he stated, “Being hurricane strong takes a multi-facet approach to ensure a resilient Chatham county community.”

The press conference went on with Gregori Anderson speaking on the importance of strong building codes in order to prepare for disasters in the community. The 5 key points were concluded with word from Chelsea Sawyer, Savannah Emergency Management Agency member, speaking about the impact that community service has during times of disaster relief.

“We saw this in abundance with Hurricane Irma. With the outpouring of support of residents, local volunteer groups, non-profits, and others. We’re very fortunate to live in such a great community,” she stated.

Savannah Chatham County was the 3rd community in the nation in the community to be awarded the #HurricaneStrong award.

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