Chatham County Commissioners Take Oath of Office


The Chatham County Board of Commissioners’ took their oath of office last Monday in the Chatham County Courthouse Chambers The event was streamed virtually for public viewing. The full video can be viewed on the Chatham County Facebook Page Chairman-elect Chester A. Ellis, Commissioner Bobby Lockett, District 3, and Commissioner Dean Kicklighter, District 7, were sworn in by the Honorable John E. Morse, Jr. The Honorable Louisa Abbot swore in Commissioner Helen L. Stone, District 1, and the Honorable Timothy R. Walmsley swore in Commissioner-elect Larry “Gator” Rivers, District 2, and Commissioner Patrick K. Farrell, District 4. Commissioner-elect Tanya Milton, District 5, Commissioner elect Aaron “Adot” Whitely, District 6, and Commissioner-elect Kenneth A. Adams, District 8, were sworn in by the Honorable Lisa G. Colbert.

The Chatham County Coroner David Campell and Tax Commissioner Sonya Jackson took their oaths following the commissioners.

More information is available at chathamcountyga. gov.

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