Change Your Water…Change Your Life!

Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkalized restructured Kangen Water® can help your young athletes get and stay hydrated during practice and games. More and more of the top pro athletes and teams in football, baseball, basketball and tennis are turning to Kangen Water® for that edge they are looking for and now your young athletes can do the same.

To all Coaches and Parents if you want to dramatically improve your team’s performance and help them recover from muscle soreness with no cramping make the switch from ACIDIC beverages like Gatorade, Sports Drinks and Bottled Water.

Kangen Water® has superior electrolyte replenishment, six times better hydration, provides faster muscle recovery, stronger performance and longer endurance.

College Director of Sports Medicine, Coach Rob Woodall tests Kangen Water® and found that his “crampers” when they drank Kangen Water® , experienced

NO cramping, yet those players less susceptible to cramping who were not drinking Kangen Water ® continued to cramp.

He also added that In my 12 years serving as a certified athletic trainer and strength coach, I have never seen a product provide the type of results that we experienced while using this product. I have always been a skeptic to these types of “just drink the water and you’ll feel great” claims.

The tests were conducted as follows: KANGEN WATER TEST: We had seven athletes who we classified as “crampers”. We started the week before our 9/26/09 game and continued for the rest of the season. No cramping episodes from any of the seven during this time. We did experience cramping episodes from athletes not on the program.

They all loved it because they felt like they could drink and drink and never feel bloated.

Went through the whole game and not one athlete cramped. Actually had several of the opposing teams’ players go down late in a close game due to cramps. I’ve had several athletes say they feel “stronger”, “more athletic” or “lighter on their feet.”

This converted skeptic can honestly say you owe it to yourself and your athletes to start them on Kangen Water® sooner rather than later.

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