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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized restructured Kangen Water® can help you consume good clean water on a daily basis. Water has many functions inside the human body, but the biggest function is to improve blood flow and promote metabolism. It also activates intestinal bacterial flora and enzymes while excreting waste and toxins. Pollutants, food additives and carcinogens are all flushed out of the body by good clean water. For those reasons, people who do not drink much water will get sick more easily.

If you drink plenty of good clean water, it will be harder for you to get sick. When water moistens areas of the body where bacteria and viruses can invade most easily, such as the bronchi and gastrointestinal mucosa, the immune system is activated making those areas difficult for viruses to invade.

Water is not only present inside the blood vessels, but also plays an active role inside lymph vessels, thus helping us maintain our health. In order for the immune system to function properly, good clean water is absolutely necessary.

When we hear “good clean water” I doubt that anyone thinks tap water fits this definition. In addition to chlorine, which is a disinfectant, tap water also contains dioxins and carcinogens, such as tricholorethylene and triphenylmethane. Tap water meets certain levels of safety for these substances, but it still contains toxins.

Tap water is sterilized with chlorine, which can kill bacteria in the water. But when chlorine is added to water, large amounts of free radicals are produced. This type of sterilization also oxidizes the water, and oxidation in the body is one of the causes of sickness and disease.

The level of oxidation in water can be measured with an ORP(oxidation reduction potential) meter. Oxidation, which is bad for water, is the process in which electrons either break away or get taken away from molecules. Reduction, which is good for water, is the opposite, in which electrons are received by molecules. You can use electrical means to create water with strong reduction capability (Kangen water®). Purification devices exist that ionize and create this type of water through electrolysis.

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