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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Alternative cancer treatments are varied both in composition and in scientific merit, but when it comes to beating cancer, there is no sense in avoiding a potentially useful tool strictly because it has not gained the support of the general scientific community. Alkaline water treatment is one such method of purportedly curbing the spread of cancer.

Cancer is the growth of abnormal cells within the body, with it being named in reference to its point of origin. For example, cancer which originates in the colon is still referred to as colon cancer, regardless of how far it managed to spread. As cancer cells divide faster than ordinary cells, cancer cells eventually dominate an organism, resulting in a halting of biologically necessary processes, and eventually loss of life.

Surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy are the most common forms of generally accepted cancer treatments. While the methods are separate, the goal is the same: to remove all cancer cells from the body. Surgery consists of an operation to remove cancerous tissue from the organism, chemotherapy consists of using low-levels of hazardous chemicals to poison cancer cells, and radiation therapy consists of using localized application of radioactive material to destroy the cancerous tissue. According to the site, consumption of alkalized water can help to slow the spread of cancer in a number of ways. First, alkalized water purportedly removes free radicals from the body. Second, the site claims that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Finally, consumption of alkaline water allegedly cures cancer by allowing additional oxygen to bind to the cancer cells, slowing growth or killing the cancer outright. There is scientific merit to these claims. A presentation at the 2004 World Congress on In-Vitro Biology conducted by Japanese scientist at the University of Kyusyu, concluded that electrolyzed-reduce( alkaline) water might be useful for the preventing or treating cancer. Another study conducted at the Wonju college of Medicine at Yonsei University in Korea, determined that alkaline water has anti-cancer effect on existing cancer cells.

You can produce your own alkaline water at home with the purchase of a water ionizing machine. It might be well worth it to supplement your existing cancer treatment plan with the consumption of ionized water to potentially help defeat cancer. While you should certainly not forgo traditional methods of cancer treatment to exclusively pursue an alkaline regime, combining conventional methods with the consumption of alkaline water might be an effective route to take.

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