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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkalized restructured Kangen Water can help you with proper hydration. Why is proper hydration so important to our overall health? Is there a public scam about the truth of ionized alkaline water? These are two questions I hear frequently.

That is why I am so passionate about educating and helping as many people as I can understand that proper hydration daily with the right water is best for overall health and wellness. Our bodies are 70-75% water and a variety of chemical compounds according to Wikipedia and current scientific analysis.

Additionally, according to medical research, our cells need regular hydration to function properly and eliminate wastes. In todays’ fast-paced world, many people, possibly millions around the world, create an environment of dehydration because of the foods and drinks they take in every day.

Also, dehydration is a common cause of many problems and illnesses and is brought on by stress, injuries, burns, prolonged physical activity and prolonged exposure to dry air to name a few. Other causes of dehydration can be internal, like infectious diseases such as gastroenteritis, cholera as well as malnutrition and diabetes.

Our bodies like any machine, rations water when it’s in short supply. To survive, our body can go into survival mode and take water from our skin, bones, our organs and even our brain to supply its’ needs. However, while the body’s efforts to encourage hydration for you increase and it acts to protect itself in this way, the price paid could be headaches, seizures, sleepiness, lack of waste elimination and even death.

How does one avoid or eliminate dehydration? The solution is, drink more water! But the question is: “Is the water we’re drinking the right type of water?” According to clinical research, water that is high in alkalinity is the best water to drink because it has the properties needed by your body to replenish minerals it needs and helps the body to repair itself.

This is where Ionized alkalized restructured Kangen Water® helps brilliantly. What is Kangen Water® and how is it made? The word Kangen is Japanese in origin and means “return to origin”. That is, something that has returned to its purest state. The use of this particular word is closely guarded by the Japanese government because of its’ deep meaning to their culture and to date only one company is officially licensed to use it–Enagic, Inc. Drinking Kangen Water® will resolve dehydration in the body because it provides water at such a high alkalinity, the body easily absorbs it and uses it for skin hydration, cell and tissue regeneration, blood cleaning and waste disposal all the way down to the cellular level.

How is this possible? To get the answer and more, come to our next Hydration Party. To be held on July 7, 2PM at 401 Mall Blvd., Suite 101. RSVP to to reserve your seat and your gallon of water to take home.

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