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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkaline restructured Kangen Water® can help your body maintain its delicate pH balance and remove acid waste.

When you are living an acidic lifestyle it crushes your energy levels. If you wake up tired, if you get huge energy dips during the day, if you become irritable…these are all because of acidity. When you’re fatigued, and have no energy, it impacts every area of your life. It impacts your mood, your motivation, the way you react to situations, the way you relate to people in your life, your ability to think clearly, to exercise and to pursue goals.

When you’re living with energy it has a wonderful effect in every area of your life. You feel alert, alive, inspired. You’re positive. You start each day right. You feel more inclined to invest in yourself with healthy foods, healthy thoughts and positive moods. You relate better to your loved ones, your co-workers, your business partners, your customers. You’re more positive and make more positive decisions.

When you are living in this state of energy and positivity it has a ripple effect on those around you. You inspire others to live with energy and positivity, and it all comes from living with the healthy actions that will give you back the energy you deserve.

It’s the energy you had when you were a teenager. And you’ve still got that energy now! But right now, it is being consumed by the state of your body, which is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. YOU get to make the decision which way you want to go.

The aim of the alkaline water and diet is NOT to alter the body’s pH of 7.365. The goal is to SUPPORT this. When you live an acidic lifestyle, with acidic foods, drinks, no exercise, lots of alcohol, cigarettes, sweets, sugars the body has to work insanely hard and will sacrifice everything else to maintain this pH 7.365.

It is the maintaining of this pH range that causes the damage. We have a very small alkaline buffering system in the body. This has the capacity to buffer the small amount of acids created by the body through our normal daily bodily functions.

When we add an atrocious diet, the body can’t naturally buffer these acids any more. It neutralizes what it can, and then just has to deal with the rest however it possibly can…drawing alkaline minerals from our bones and organs=osteoporosis, binding up acidic wastes in fat and storing them=obesity, pushing them to the least important areas of our body=arthritis, keeping them locked up internally where they become yeasts, candida, bacteria in a cycle that feeds itself and grows exponentially= IBS, fibromyalgia, candida, fatigue, reflux. And this is just scratching the surface.

Remember we’re not trying to increase our body’s pH. We’re trying to give it the tools it needs to maintain this pH and thrive.

Come learn the positive benefits of drinking super hydrating, alkalized, anti-oxidant water you can have in your home.

Our next Get Together is Monday, March 3, at 2PM. 401 Mall Blvd., Suite 101E. RSVP to to attend clinic, to qualify for samples or schedule your FREE inhome water test. Clinics conducted by Ernestine Murray, CWC and Hydration Specialist.

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