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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkalized restructured Kangen Water® can help you drink more water easily. You know by now that you are supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. But did you know that’s just the minimum? According to the Institute of Medicine, the actual figure is roughly 13 cups (3 liters) for men and 9 cups (2.2 liters) for women – and even more depending on how active you are1.

But with the amount of sodas, energy drinks, and coffee concoctions that are readily available and accessible today, it can seem that just drinking pure and plain water is somewhat of an unattainable goal.

So, here are a few ideas to get more water into your system every day. Hydrate between indulgences: Make sure you drink at least 1 glass of water before and after you drink anything else.

Convenience is key: Store a couple containers (not plastic) of water at your workplace, in the car, at your desk, etc.

Spruce it up: If you find water a little boring, add some fresh fruit like an orange, berries, or a lemon wedge. Even cucumbers add a refreshing taste.

Eat and Drink: Make it a point to drink at least one or two glasses with each meal.

Drink Smarter: Drink water that is designed to be more easily absorbed by your body.

Drink Kangen Water ®! Your water should easily quench your body’s needs for optimal hydration and not be a chore to drink. Thankfully, there’s Kangen Water®. Kangen Water® is slightly alkaline and comprised of smaller water clusters, which makes it more quickly and easily absorbed by your body compared to ordinary water.

This allows you to be completely hydrated without a “bloated” feeling – even after 8-13 cups of water a day. Nothing Tastes As Good As Kangen™ Feels! Remember, it is the most amazing water in the world. When you drink it, you feel fantastic, you have more energy, and it makes you smarter and look more handsome or beautiful.

Where Can You Find Kangen Water®? At our Wellness Clinic on December 16th at 2PM, 401 Mall Blvd., Suite 101E. Bring containers for your samples and the water you are presently drinking to be tested. RSVP to to attend clinic, to qualify for samples or schedule your FREE inhome water test. Clinics conducted by Ernestine Murray, CWC and Hydration Specialist.

Enagic®’s Kangen Water® cannot be found just anywhere! Contact me today to find out how YOU can have access to this “Living Water” in the convenience of your own kitchen!

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