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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray


You’ve no doubt heard that proper hydration is the key to sustaining a healthy body. When was the last time you thought about the way you hydrate?

The Centers for Disease Control reports that for many people, being thirsty means grabbing sugary sodas, caffeinated drinks and other calorie-laden beverages on the go. Over time, this can lead to a variety of problems, including trouble with shedding unwanted pounds. What you drink has just as much effect on your overall wellness as what you eat. [1]

Here’s just a small sample of the calories found in the common beverages that many consumers drink:

Calories in 12 ounces of fruit punch 192; 100% apple juice 192; 100% orange juice 168; lemonade 168; regular lemon/lime soda 148; regular cola 136; sweetened lemon iced tea 135; tonic water 124; regular ginger ale 124; sports drink 99; fitness water 18; unsweetened iced tea 2; coffee (no sugar/cream) 5; diet soda (with aspartame) 0*; carbonated water (unsweetened) 0; and water 0. *Some diet soft drinks can contain a small number of calories that are not listed on the nutrition facts label. [2]

As you can see, water has zero calories, with no added sugars or caffeine. So why do many consumers allow sodas and coffee to be their primary source of nourishment? Clean healthy water IS the best choice for optimal hydration.

Kangen Water ®SMART HYDRATION: Your body needs water for complete hydration and balance! Only from Enagic(R) Kangen Water ®hydrates you with mineral-rich, alkaline water created by amazing ionizing process. This can give you optimal hydration. And with the fresh, mild taste of Kangen Water(R), you’ll find how easy it is to consume the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day for optimal hydration.

The healthy choice is crystal clear: Trust Kangen Water ® to naturally hydrate your body so you can enjoy a healthy and happy life!

Sources: 1. Centers for Disease Control; 2. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.

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