Change Your Water…Change Your Life!

Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

The healthy body, healthy mind connection. What is the link between a healthy body and mind? The natural mind-body connection is truly amazing! For example, when you feel stressed, your immune system can suffer. When you allow tension to distract you from making positive choices, your health can deteriorate. What’s interesting about all of this is that YOU have the power to avoid stress triggers and focus on positive lifestyle choices! These choices can have a positive impact to create a more healthy body and a healthy mind!

Constant stress and worry are actually all forms of “mind toxins”. Chemicals such as endorphins can stimulate the production of extra cortisol and adrenaline in the blood stream, making it difficult to fight illnesses. It’s important that you take time daily to clear out your mind of any worries and find ways to rid yourself of a build-up of negative chemicals.

REDUCE THE STRESS, NATURALLY. It’s a sad truth that we live in a time when chronic levels of stress have pervaded much of society. This unhealthy lifestyle, coupled with poor eating and sleeping habits, can create havoc on the mind and body

Here are some suggested ways to reduce stress, naturally; 1) Give your mind a break from information overload. 2) Start meditating 3) Allow positive thoughts to replace negative ones 4) Get outside and take a brisk walk, ride a bike or go for a run around your community. Bring extra Kangen Water® to keep hydrated during exercise.

Water- a natural brain booster. Water is quite possibly the most important element of your diet for a healthy mind and a healthy body. Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Without water, your body’s delicate balance between mind and body may be compromised.

The better choice in staying optimally hydrated is pure, healthy Kangen Water® from Enagic®. This ionized, alkaline water is chemical and pollutant free. Kangen Water® contains the natural minerals and elements that your body needs to stay balanced. Kangen Water® is designed by nature to keep your body clean, healthy and well hydrated. Maintain the right body and mind balance with delicious tasting Kangen Water®!

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