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Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized Alkalized Kangen Water can help you conquer your dry skin this season. Are you anticipating a long season of dry skin? Are You Ready to Conquer Dry Skin This Season? What’s really going on with your skin?

According to prominent dermatologists, the problem might begin with the delicate pH balance of your skin. The top layer of your skin is slightly acidic, with a typical pH level of 4 to 6.5. The acidic nature of this thin layer, also called the acid mantle, is functional. It provides a strong barrier of protection against microorganisms like bacteria, as well as any alkaline substance. Dry skin conditions can actually change the pH of your acid mantle, which can cause new complications since your skin no longer contains a protective barrier.

The exciting news is – when you incorporate slightly acidic water into your skincare routine, you can help lower the pH of your acid mantle and thereby strengthen your skin’s barrier against microorganisms!

You could spend a lot of money on questionable treatments for skin conditions that are extremely expensive over time, or you could try a home remedy that is conveniently available in your own kitchen. Enagic® Beauty Water has a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 and is a handy, healthy choice for keeping your acid mantle strong. Instead of competing with the delicate balance of your slightly acidic skin, Beauty Water nourishes it and preserves the important protective barrier. Wash your body with Beauty Water every day to maintain healthier, more radiant skin!

Let’s go a Little Deeper…

Your skin condition may also be affected by the pH level of your inner body. When you consume too many acidic foods and beverages, your body’s normal buffering system will no longer be able to maintain proper pH levels. The excess acid will then be stored inside your body, creating a source of many health complaints. The built-up acids can make it difficult for blood to move freely through your face and top layers of your skin, which can hinder healthy skin. Alkaline Food

Consuming alkaline foods and beverages can help sustain a healthy pH balance. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, alkaline water, some vinegar, sea salt, and many grains (oats, wild rice, etc) are healthy options for your internal health. You should try to avoid acidic foods such as alcohol, coffee, soda, table salt, and most meats.

An excellent addition to your healthy diet is Enagic® Kangen Water®, which is 8 to 9.5 on the pH scale. This delicious, alkaline water is a natural way to return your body to its peak performance. Help your skin stay hydrated, nourished, and properly circulated by drinking plenty of healthy alkaline water!

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