Change Your Water…Change Your Life!

Ernestine Murray
Ernestine Murray

Ionized alkaline restructured Kangen Water ® can help you stay hydrated. From “The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water” by Bob Mc- Cauley, health begins with water, for it is the most essential element needed by the body. A baby’s bones are mostly water at birth. By retirement, the average senior citizen has become 50-70% dehydrated, which is why nearly all elderly people have every imaginable disease, including constipation through the age group.

True health cannot occur without proper hydration of the body: The average human body is 70% water. The brain is 85% water, Bones are 35% water, Blood is 83% water and The Liver is 90% water. When we become dehydrated, we put our health in immediate jeopardy. We must drink half our body weight in ounces minimum each day. Water serves to energize every cell and organ in the body.

When we become dehydrated, the body instinctively begins to ration water to each organ. The brain being the most important organ, get the most water. The skin, being the least important, is rationed the least amount of water. Chronically dry skin and/ or dandruff are signs of advanced dehydration, as are asthma and hyperventilation. It is the law of vital adaptation at work. The body will do what it must to survive! Researchers have determined that 1% dehydration causes a 5% drop in athletic performance.

Soft Drinks – Tasty, Refreshing Poison: Carbonated soft drinks are primarily water, but they are the most dehydrating substances that are commonly consumed. (Note: Many CEOs of soft drink and fast food chains succumb to cancer and heart disease at relatively young ages.) Soft drinks severely erode our teeth. Soft drink consumption has been linked to esophageal cancer. The artificial sweetener aspartame found in diet soft drinks has been linked to birth defects, brain cancer, emotional disorders, carpel tunnel, diabetes and epilepsy. When asked if they would allow a product such as soft drinks on the market, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) was blunt in stating that there was no possibility they would allow it to be marketed it if were presented to them today for approval. Soft drinks are poison and should be avoided at all costs.

Illnesses such as

Alzheimer’s disease are a sure sign of a lifetime of chronic dehydration. When sufficiently hydrated, the brain functions closer to its full capacity. When we fail to drink enough water over a lifetime, toxins begin to interfere with the brain’s delicate neurochemical balance. Once a single chemical reaction in the brain is significantly altered, the resulting ripple effect will be felt throughout the brain. The accumulation of these events can lead to brain diseases and imbalances of all kinds, including clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Lewy Body disease and other dementia related diseases. Reversing these psychiatric conditions is not easy, but can be done by following a strict 100% diet of raw foods, using infrared rays and drinking 1-2 gallons of Ionized Water each day.

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